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    Lightbulb Phoenix & Duncan

    Thoughts on the names..

    They are both my new found loves, what does everyone else think?

    Would either sound OK w/ our surname?-Wright
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    Hoping to TTC #2 sometime in the near future w/ my wonderful fiancé.

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    Duncan is ok. It just makes me think of Dunkin Donuts. I like Phoenix better but I wish people would lay off using it on girls-I hate to admit that it ruins my love for it as a male name. *Technically it is unisex these days, just saying*
    Phoenix I still love on a boy, cannot help it. Nix or Nixon would be a cool nickname. I think both could work with Wright.

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    I think both sound fine with the last name.

    Duncan -- Love it. It's sort of a nerdy sounding name, but at the same time, I have no problem seeing it on a football player. It's versatile. I also love that it has Shakespeare connections and I think Dan is an accessible nickname.

    Phoenix -- Love it! I love that it's mythological, I love the symbolism behind the bird, I love the images it conjures. If you're into place names, it's got that going too. It's strong, it has Nix (or Nick if you want it 'normal') and it's just cool all around. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love phoenix one of my fave names.. duncan is also nice i like declan too.
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    Just found out that my fiancé has a step-sister (who we never see) w/ a daughter named I guess that name is out any similar style name suggestions??
    Mommy to one little prince (Gavin Miller)

    Hoping to TTC #2 sometime in the near future w/ my wonderful fiancé.

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