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    Is There Anyone Else who Likes Herbert???

    It's kind of cute, but I'd never use it because of the 'nerd' stereotypes...
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    Yes! I don't know what else to say. If I had a very different husband I would've liked children named Herbert, Reginald, Edgar, Rosina, Zelda and Ursula.
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    I was acquainted with a Herbert in high school, Herbert Eugene and he went by Herbie. He wasn't nerdy, surprisingly - he actually was kind of a skater punk. I wouldn't ever use it, but thinking about it it's not actually a bad-sounding name.
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    Makes me think of Herbert James Draper (my picture is from one of his paintings - I love his work) which is by no means a bad thing, and Herbie/Herb is adorable. Would it work on a teenager though? You'd have to find the right nickname, I think. Very classy though, I love it!

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    I think Herbert is adorable! I would never be brave enough to use it, it's one of those names that I just like to look at.
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