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    What do you think of Audrey instead of Aubrey? I'm not a fan of Isabelle but it's still a nice name if that's what you decide.

    Ava and Elise may be too close to your other childrens names.

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    click on the link to access my big combo list:
    Big combo list

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    I think Aubrey fits well.

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    Or mayyybe:

    Imogen was a lovely suggestion from a PP, as was Emmeline

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    That's sad about Avery! Why can't you use it? (I guess I missed something).

    Anyway, out of your new options:
    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Ava -- Ava is just too close in sound to Olivia for me.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Aubrey -- I like this one! I prefer Audrey, but considering Audrey's similarity with Addison, Aubrey works better.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Anna -- Anna feels stylistically different from the rest of the names and is too similar to Ella for me.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Elise -- Same problems as Anna, only even closer to Ella.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Isabelle -- I like this one!

    I can't you want the name to definitely start with a vowel? Because I'm thinking Sophia or Claire might be great options!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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