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Thread: Pendragon?

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    Lexiem, that's actually something I hadn't thought about. But, I haven't updated my siggy in a while but you're right, it is a lot stronger & more out there than most of my list. I think Pendragon & Hawthorne would make a wonderful sibset especially with the nicknames Penn & Hawk. I also like Pandora a lot, but only with the nickname Panda. It would be weird to have a Panda and a Hawk lol!
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    You should have Panda, Hawk, and Dragon. Coolest sibset ever.

    But actually, I'm on the fence about Pendragon. It is very awesome, and Penn makes it kinda wearable, but because it's basically two words, I could see people being very confused by it. Plus, isn't it the name of a bank or something in the UK? I'm iffy about it as a first, but agree that it would be a fantastic middle.
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    I wouldn't use it as a first name but it would make a quirky mn choice.
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    It works as a middle name, but I think it's over-the-top as a first name.
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