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    Any doll collecting berries?

    I have collected dolls for a few years now. I have 14 Anerican Girl 18" dolls, and some others. Do you collect dolls? What kind? And most importantly, what are their names (or some of them)?

    I have-
    Blakely- bitty baby
    Alyssa- tolly tots "Ratch"
    Honor- my way baby
    Halliana- hopscotch hill "Hallie"
    Allison- American Girl "My AG" #27
    Kingston-custom boy American Girl Molly
    Ena- my way toddler
    Amelie- American Girl Emily
    Maya- no idea
    Emerie- Ashton Drake "Miracles Emmy"
    Alayna- American Girl "Lanie" 2010
    Elizabeth- American Girl "Elizabeth"
    Felicity- American Girl "Felicity"
    Robyn- Our Generation "Robyn"
    Brianna- American Girl "My AG" #33
    Brittany- American Girl "My AG" #23
    Kitrina- American Girl "Kit"
    Kanani- American Girl "Kanani" 2011
    McKenna- American Girl "McKenna" 2012
    Marleigh-Alexis- American Girl "My AG" #39
    Chloë- American Girl "Saige" 2013
    Mallory- American Girl "Molly"
    Sonnet Elowen Alice, Penelope Iris Luna, Evangeline Lucy Wren, Maisie Winter Nova, Lexington Maeve Eloise, Fable Seraphina, Sailor Keira, Thea Summer Lark, Harbor Ava

    Hendrix Milo Flynn, Roarke Simon Maxwell, Castle Quincy Brave, Calvary Stellan Hawk Canaan Fisher Myles

    Guilty Pleasure-
    Boy: Kohl, Falcon, Myles, Flynnigan, Brave
    Girl: Tigerlily, Larkspur, Tinleigh, Emerson, Maddox

    teenberry, equestrian, second youngest of 9 girls
    FurMommy to Bleu the yorkie!

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