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    Top 3 choices, need help.

    I am due very soon. Please help me decide between our top 3 names:

    Audrey Cecelia
    Amelia Belle
    Cecily Marie

    Our last name has one syllable.

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    Cecily Marie! Gorgeous, uncommon, and the 3-2-1 syllable pattern would be perfect!

    Good luck!
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    I really like Audrey Cecelia. It has a nice flow with a one syllable last name too. However, I'm not fond of the meaning of Cecelia. What about Audrey Amelia... unless you don't like alliterations.
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    I like all 3 of your sets but love Audrey Cecilia the best.
    Now if you'd put Cecilia Marie instead of Cecily, that one would get my vote for sure.

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    Another vote for Audrey Cecelia! I, too, prefer Cecelia to Cecily and would have voted for a Cecelia Marie combo. Have you considered Cecelia Audrey?
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