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    Be honest. Do you think the name fox is horrible?

    I still love it and keep thinking of it as either a middle or first but we would call him fox even if it was his middle.

    Ideas we are thinking of...

    Milo Fox Bennett

    Fox Logan Bennett

    Fox Milo Bennett

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    Honestly? Yes. I do think it's horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Honestly? Yes. I do think it's horrible.
    Yeah... I've never understood the appeal of Fox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Yeah... I've never understood the appeal of Fox.
    Me neither. If you like it keep it for a middle name. I really like Milo Fox Bennett!

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    Yes, Sorry, I just don't think it's nice. It sounds a bit tacky. The Kid could be bullied too.

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