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Thread: Sawyer

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    WDYT of Sawyer for a girl? Middle name suggestions? I am sort of liking Sawyer Jane.

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    NMS- I find it too masculine, having seen both the Sawyer character in Lost and knowing a boy with the name, it just doesn't really work for me. But as always, if you love it, go for it!

    Some other unisex/surname-names that I like:
    Miller (I know a girl with this name, and can no longer imagine a boy named Miller!)

    Maybe you'd also like Sailor or Sayer?

    Some middle names:
    Sawyer Catherine
    Sawyer Poppy
    Sawyer Abigail
    Sawyer Therese
    Sawyer Lorraine
    Sawyer Fiona

    Good luck!
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    It's a boys name. Not feminine at all and a feminine middle doesn't help too much since most people won't know her middle.
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    I think it works just fine on a girl. I've only known girl Sawyers, but, because it's a surname, it works just as well on either gender.

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    I like Sawyer. I actually prefer it on a girl. But i'am a person who loves Striker on a girl so what can say?

    Sawyer Jane is a very nice combo.
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