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    I think Ragnar Ethan Wade is perfect, honestly. I also like the idea of Ragnar Ethan Amadeus and Ragnar Ethan Skye. Then again, I still want to pair Frederic with Ragnar. Ragnar Quincy Frederic, Ragnar Frederic Ivo... I love the meaning behind Ragnar Ethan Wade though, and Ethan is extremely wearable if Ragnar ends up not working for him.
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    I think Ragnar Ethan Skye was mine I've sent you a combo list or two, and I'm still bummed that your hubby didn't like Ragnar Ethan Barnaby. Oh well.
    I've been thinking about Ragnar Ethan Wade, though. My initial reaction was, "That's kinda boring." But then I stepped back, took a deep breath, and said to myself, "This is RAGNAR we're talking about! How can this name be boring?" My conclusion was that I'd simply gotten used to Ragnar and was focusing too much on the middles. With Ragnar in front, this name is not boring. The flow is all right, and the family significance is wonderful. As I think we mutually agreed, family significance trumps designer look or sound.

    I do like Weatherly. Is he new? Oh, no, I think I played with him a while back. Roderick John Weatherly, wasn't it? So distinguished!

    Anyway, best wishes, as always.
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    I really like Ragnar Ethan Wade. Awesome combo and with so much meaning for you. I'd say go for it.
    I was thinking that Roderick and Fredric felt like good Ragnar matches.
    While Roderick feels more distinct I think Frederic is a better fit as it's not quite as r heavy.

    For me I'd probably go with Ragnar Frederic Ethan or Ragnar Afton Caradoc.
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