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Thread: Templeton

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    I love it. I have both Templeton and Temple on my list. I don't know Charlotte's web though, so it's good to know there's one not so great connotation to it!

    Templeton like the university. Both of them like the sacred building. I'm a fan of names that mean sacred / spiritual things.

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    I think of Templeton "Faceman" Peck from The A-Team (1980s TV show and 2010 movie). He was one of my favorites, tied with Murdock, but I always thought his first name was a bit unfortunate.

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    Well sigh. I hate that there's not much love for Templeton.

    @VC -- I never thought the rat was too bad. He helps a lot. He brings words for Charlotte to spin in her web and he talks to Wilbur. He sings a cute song in the movie too even though it's about eating a lot of gross food.
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    I LOVe Templeton! I like it because of Charlotte's I don't find the rat a bad association but that's just me.
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    Doesn't remind me of the rat but it does remind me of Shirley Templeton so leans feminine to me.
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