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    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, and expecting baby Nicander (Veronica Seraphine or Alexander Silvan(?)) in late Feb. 2016!
    Future Daughter: Isobel "Zoe" Theophania
    Future Son: Dominic "Nico" Valentine

    Nicholas ~ William ~ Alexander ~ Sebastian ~ Gabriel ~ Benjamin ~ Dominic ~ Oliver ~ Crispin ~ Gregory
    Zoe ~ Catherine ~ Veronica ~ Penelope ~ Elizabeth ~ Daphne ~ Anastasia ~ Seraphina ~ Ophelia ~ Felicity

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    A teenage writer and name lover~

    Luna Rosemary, Aurora Beatrice, Violet Evangeline, Daphne Guinevere, Lillian Valentina

    Christian Zachary, Theodore Kenneth, Malachi Jonathan, Dominic Gabriel, Gideon Oliver

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    B/B/B: Ezra, Silas, and Jasper
    B/B/G: Verity, Silas, and Freeman
    B/G/G: George, Edith, and Helen
    G/G/G: Helen, Edith, and Cora

    I decided to challenge myself and not just use my top names for each set.

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    Ohh, how exciting! I would actually love to have triplets I think my "ideal" would be one boy and two girls! (Probably because as one of twin girls, I have loved having such a close sisterly connection). My sets would be:
    3 girls: Helena Gretel Daisy ("Nell"); Beatrix Catherine Rae ("Bea/Trixie") and Felicity Hermione Quinn ("Flossie")
    2 girls; 1 boy: Helena Gretel Quinn; Philippa Hermione Catherine; and Edmund Carlisle Caspian ("Ted")
    1 girl; 2 boys: Helena Gretel Hermione; Edmund Carlisle Caspian; and Hugo Frederick Cameron
    3 boys: Edmund Carlisle Caspian; Hugo Frederick Peter; and Felix Cameron David

    twenty-one | law student

    * Beatrix * Nell * Penelope * Felicity * Margo *

    * Theodore * Hugo * Edmund * Felix * Oscar *

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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Back! I'm going to use my alternate names, the ones we aren't using for a baby for the triplets. These would be guilty pleasure sets:

    3 girls: Echo, Lunshea, Nimiane
    3 boys: Aritotle, Galileo, DaVinci

    2 girls, 1 boy: Tatiana, Odette, Evander
    2 boys, 1 girl: Hyperion, Icarus, Athena -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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