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    I actually do have red hair. I would say if your kid has any chance of having red hair I would NOT name her Ginger. BUT if she doesn't/won't, Ginger would be an okay name.

    I hate being called a Ginger because people say it with such a negative tone but having the name Ginger without being an actually redhead; I think would be just fine.

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    I think its kind of cute and really vintage sounding. I think it might be a bit weird on a kid with ginger hair. Just might make you look a bit uncreative. But otherwise, its not bad.

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    I actually quite like Ginger. My first association is always Ginger Rogers. (Though I guess her real name was Virginia Rogers).
    I think Ginger nn Gin or Ginny would be adorable.

    I do think it would work much better as a proper name on a natural non-red head.
    I mean it's just too descriptive if one does have naturally flaming hair.
    I mean I'd hate for my real name to be called Brownie because of my brown hair.
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    I have met a Ginger before, she had siblings named Flynn and Indi both quite common in Australia. I don't like Ginger but this little girl was around 4 and adorable.
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    I like Ginger as a nn (as suggested), but prefer longer alternatives like Virginia. But it's a perfectly lovely name.

    The name doesn't make me think of south park or red heads-- my mind immediately goes to Gilligan's Island (as in, "the movie star"). I also happen to know a lovely woman in her fifties by the name of Ginger so the name reminds me of her as well. And the spice. And the plant (of which I have many in my yard).

    I tend to think of it as an upbeat, quirky sort of name (probably because of the woman I know). It's just not my style personally.

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