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    Middle name for Florian?


    We are due this October and the first name chosen is Florian. I have always been set on a Florian Luca as a full name, but starting to see both Luca and Lucas becoming very popular (in UK).

    Can anyone help with alternative middle name suggestions?


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    I'm happy you're using Florian! It's distinguished & uncommon yet cool enough for a modern kid. Florian Luca does sound good but if you want something different, maybe....

    Florian Leander
    Florian Hugo
    Florian Xander
    Florian Jacoby
    Florian August
    Florian Drake
    Florian Casper
    Florian Malachi
    Florian Crosby
    Florian Thatcher
    Florian Wilder
    Florian Dexter
    Florian Guthrie
    Florian Hendrix
    Florian Beau

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Florian Luca is lovely! My first idea was even more mainstream: Florian Daniel. I really love it, though! I think Florian Samuel would be fab, as well. A few ideas:

    Florian Spencer
    Florian Clement
    Florian Louis (LOVE!)
    Florian August(e)
    Florian Peter
    Florian Isaac
    Florian Theodore
    Florian Henry
    Florian Vincent
    Florian Seamus
    Florian Rhys
    Florian George
    Florian Benedict
    Florian Hugh
    Florian Micah
    Florian Maxime
    Florian Milo

    Good luck!
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    Oh wow, thanks guys! Lots to think about here! A few that stick out to me are

    Florian Lucius
    Florian Arthur
    Florian Edgar (think I prefer Elgar)

    I think being British we should avoid Thatcher!! :-)

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