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    5 days left and still undecided! Opinions please

    Please help me choose.

    Rex Christopher
    Henry Frank
    James Rocco

    All of the middle names are family names and the first names we just like (besides James which is technically a family name too).
    We have a son named Cole.
    Favorite? Suggestions? Thank you.

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    My favorite is James Rocco. I also kinda like it flipped, Rocco James.

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    I like James Rocco the most . Second is Henry Frank .
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    Rex Christopher -Prefer Christopher Rex I think.
    Henry Frank - Don't like.
    James Rocco - I like this one, but again, prefer it flipped. Rocco James!

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    Cole (?) and James Rocco is my pick. I do love Henry and like Rex but the middles aren't quite doing it for me... Would like Henry Franklin or Rex Henry better.

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