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    Mar 2013
    Hmm I like Rex with Cole. Rex Christopher is nice enough, and I know you said Christopher is a family name, which I'm all for using. But Rex Oliver popped into mind as similar but better somehow.

    I also like James Rocco. I would like it flipped, but not sure if Rocco & Cole is too much 'co' sound when you say it together a lot? James & Cole sound handsome together.

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    Sep 2013
    James Rocco is my first choice and then Henry Frank would be my second choice.

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    Dec 2012
    My picks would be James Rocco or Rex Christopher to go with Cole. I really do have a love for Rex, and would love to see a little boy with that name.

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    I agree with the flipped, Rocco James!

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    With the rugged Cole, I think Rex is the best "match". I like the names James and Henry but they have a more serious, formal vibe that Cole doesn't have at all. Now if Henry was given the nn Hal or Hank, his name would be ok with Cole. James could go by Jim, Jamie, Jay or Jem.
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