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    I used to think Missee (spelled that way) was divine. Thank God I'm out of that stage.
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    I used to want Jameson for a boy, and Billie for a girl.

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    I used to have a full list of names in Middle School, way before I discovered Nameberry. I wish I'd kept it because there were some awful ones on their. I've always been pretty conservative with boys names, except for Kyler which I loved, but the girl names I remember loving were Makenna, Tate and Syler/Saylor, Suri & Emerson. However they were all (for the most part) paired with classic middle names so at least they weren't all bad.
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    When I was about 12, I loved Randi and Shawna on girls. Oh, and Brendee, a smoosh of Brenda and Renee. Don't know how I came up with those, but thank goodness my tastes have evolved!
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    When I was about 12 I had a tiny phase where I used to make up loads of names. One of them was Kadis, pronounced like KAY-diss, and I have no idea where I got that idea or why I liked it so much. :s
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