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    *Easy Family Fun*

    After writing in my name journal, I realized many of my entries qualify as threads in the game section. You can make as many families as you want and each can have as many children, pets, info about each family member as you'd like to include. This is very open-ended and I have lots of fun with it, and I hope you Berries will too.
    The Quinlan-Thomas Family
    mom: Eliza June Thomas age40
    mom: Bethany Amelia Quinlan age36
    daughter1: Elizabeth Audrey Quinlan -nn Libbie age11
    daughter2: Melanie Rebecca Quinlan -nn Mel age9
    daughter3: Natalia Emberley Quinlan -nn Natalie age7
    son1: Prescott Raphael Quinlan age3
    son2: Lennox Isaiah Quinlan age 8months
    dog: golden/husky mix, male, Gabriel
    cat1: calico, female, Callista (callista the calico cat) aka Callie
    cat2: calico, female, Camille (camille the calico cat) aka Cami
    fish: Malachite, Aries, Nova, and Juneau -various colored tropical fish in a 5'x5' aquarium with filter, lights, semi-precious stones, and plants-

    Have Fun!

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    Second time around even if no one else will join me hehe.
    The MacLoren Family
    dad: Prescott Josiah MacLoren
    mom: Jodelle Annabeth MacLoren
    daughter: Emberley Joyce MacLoren "emmey" age 14__Favorite subject in school=art__Hobbies=drawing & journaling
    son: Chatham Rafael MacLoren age 9__fave subject=science, especially anatomy__hobbies=reading about dinosaurs & drawing dinosaurs
    daughter: Hollis Faith MacLoren age 7__fave subject=art__hobbies=drawing & singing __aka Ollie
    son: Isaiah Mitchell MacLoren age 2
    son: Marshall Zavier MacLoren age 2
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    south sound
    Super super fun!!!!!

    The Williams Family
    DH: Micah Henry Williams "Mike" - age 42
    DW: Nora Evelyn Williams-Cable - age 42
    DD: Julia Catherine Williams - age 16 - favorite sport = lacrosse
    DS: Everett Mercury Williams - age 14 - favorite sport = basketball
    DD/DS: Adeline Gabrielle Williams - age 12 - favorite sport = softball & Miles Patrick Williams - age 12 - favorite sport = soccer
    DS: Preston Zachary Williams - age 9 - favorite sport = track & field

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Adeline, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi, Camden

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    I really like Micah, Mercury, Everett, and Preston!
    You inspired me to make another.

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    The McKennitt Family
    The McKennitt Family resides on 7865 Mayberry Lane in Willow Tree Township.
    mom:Carolin Audria McKennitt -works as a secretary at the Willow Tree Town Hall-Hobbies are reading, crocheting, and cooking
    dad:Erickson (conner) Zachary McKennitt -works in forensics and is unable to provide details- hobbies are running, wood carving, and sketching
    daughter:Heidi Jocelyn McKennitt -age 11- loves basketball and loves All animals -aka "Heidi Jo"
    daughter:Jillian Faith McKennitt -age 9 -loves drawing and collecting posters- aka "Jilly"
    daughter:Annabeth Jay McKennitt -age 8 -loves to draw and paint- aka "Anna-Jay" or "Anny"

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