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    obsessed with Cashmere! thoughts?


    The previous days i'am find my self really obsessing with the name Cashmere. Since I hear it from Hunger games ( i'am not sure lol) I can't take it out of my mind.

    What do you think of that nÂme?

    Do you know any nn? I like Cash but this seems pretty obvious.

    Also I like the combo Cashmere Elektra. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance :-)

    PS Iam not pregnant.
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    I have a cousin named Cash, but I think Cashmere is a little much...

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    I just think of the fabric :/ Not a fan, sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I just think of the fabric :/ Not a fan, sorry.
    Ditto, Sorry.
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    Cashmere has an unpleasant clash of sounds... shmear... makes me think of goop you get on your shoes. Casmira/Casimira are names that are similar sounding without the association or shmmm sounds. Hope this helps!

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