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    What about Cassia (cash-ee-a) its nicer then Cashmere sorry.

    Also its good to see you were able to keep your account.
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    @maepae : thanks. .I can see what you mean but I don't agree with you.
    @taz : thanks . I understand completely whay you are saying especially in the last paragraph.
    @heytherepigeon : thanks, I can see whay you try to say about being to tie to Hunger Games.I like Cassie as a nn for Cassandra or Cassia etc.
    @ebenezer.scrouge :thanks. I really like Cassia. It's cute & modern. And i'am also happy that I keep my username :-)

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    I can really see why this name appeals. For me personally it's too much as a first name, especially paired with over-the-top Elektra. I think it'd make a fresh middle though.
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    @milasmama : thanks :-) . If I ever use it , it would be only as a middle. I agree that it's too much next to Elektra.

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