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Thread: Updating Donna

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    Updating Donna

    My mother's name is Donna. It's not the hippest name ever but I've come to love it for it's meaning.

    Updating her seems to be quite the task for me. I'm just not feeling it. When I do come up with a combo it's not the fun, fresh combo I was hoping for. So, of course I'm consulting the Berries.

    These are the combos I have currently:
    Beatrice Donna
    Elizabeth Donna
    Elspeth Donna
    Iris Donna
    Penelope Donna

    If you were going to bring the middle name Donna up to date, what would her first name be?

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    Beatrice Donna sounds great

    Adelaide Donna also has a great meaning

    What about Donnica?
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    I love the name Donna because of a personal association too, and feel your pain with trying to find fun combos. Iris Donna and Elspeth Donna are my favourites from your current list - they add a little playfulness. My first choice would probably be something like Persephone Donna or Hermione Donna.

    Other suggestions:
    Amabel Donna
    Annabel Donna
    Beatrix Donna (I really like Beatrice Donna but the x is more lively)
    Bryony Donna
    Cecily Donna
    Daphne Donna
    Elodie Donna
    Evanthe Donna
    Genevieve Donna
    Jessamine Donna
    Madeleine Donna
    Ophelia Donna
    Phoebe Donna
    Rosaline Donna
    Xanthe Donna
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    Hmmmmmmm..... I like many of these retro names and some of them seem as if they are just quietly waiting to be rediscovered. Maybe Donna is one of those?
    Your suggestions are lovely. I adore Penelope but Ive ruled it out (for me) as too pop.
    Elspeth and Iris are my favourites, but Im not sure any of them work that well with Donna.
    Donna is quite hard to work with....maybe because your fn choices are vintage and Donna is recent retro....brainstorming...
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    Rosalie Donna
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Beatrice Donna sounds great

    Adelaide Donna also has a great meaning

    What about Donnica?
    Adelaide Donna is sweet. I wouldn't have thought to pair the two but I really like it.

    Donnica is different. I'm not really a fan but it's an interesting suggestion! I'd never heard it before and believe me when it comes to Don- names, I've done my rounds.
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