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    Originally we had planned on calling Sarah Katherine, Sadie.. It just never worked out that way......
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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    O.k. Do you think that the majority of people know that Sadie is a nn for Sarah, or is it just that we are Nameberries, and know a bit more about names, than the average??
    I think it's just Berries and the like who know. We've discuss using Sarah a lot and my husband had no clue that there were any nicknames for Sarah.
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    I think it's lovely and fun. I'd absolutely love to meet a girl who goes by Sadie.
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    I think it's a lovely name, but it's a bit too nick-namey/cutsie for a full name for my taste, a la Maisie or Lainey

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    Quote Originally Posted by mega_muffin View Post
    It's a bit nickname-y for my tastes; plus, don't you already have a daughter named Sarah? Sadie is a traditional nickname for Sarah, so it would be a bit strange to use it for Sarah's sister.
    That was my first thought too. Nothing wrong with the name, it would just be odd in your sibset.

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