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    Need character name . First attemp to make a story

    Hi all !!

    I decide to make a story ( just for fun ) and i need help with my lead character .

    Some facts about her :

    She is 16 yrs old .
    Very red-orange hair , pale skin , blue eyes .
    She is consider fragile wih 5'5 height .
    Personality : She is a reserved girl. She isn’t antisocial, she just keeps to herself most of the time and is a bit of an introvert. She wasn’t always that way, though. not at all.
    ♡ Drawing
    ♡ Painting
    Weaks : She’s not physically strong & She’s insecure .
    Family :
    Dad : Anthony thomas Peregreen
    Mom : Marianne Grace Peregreen
    Sister : Anwen Louisa Peregreen ( 18 )
    Period : 2013

    Any ideas ??

    thanks in advance

    Edit : Harlow or Clary ?
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    A photo with a girl looking similar like in my story

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    Yorkshire Uk
    Marguerite Isobel Arianne nicknamed Daisy-Belle
    Elisabeth Henrietta Louise nicknamed Elsa
    Matilda Ophelia Jane nicknamed Tilda/Maudie
    Rosemarie Wilhelmina Topaz nicknamed Rome
    Catherine Rosalie Anne nicknamed Cat
    Wilhelmina Jessamine Opal nicknamed Willa

    Edward Antonio James nicknamed Teddy
    Jasper Henry Warren nicknamed Jazz
    Alexander Theodore Jack nicknamed Alec
    Octavius Benedict Oscar nicknamed Tavvy
    James Alexander Frederick nicknamed Jem

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    Thank you @evangelinelilypotter :-) .I would have never thought about Rowena. I think it's very cool and interesting .I think it fits my character in looks but I don't know inside. Doesn't make too much sense, right?? :-P

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    Anyone else ??

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