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    Need character name . First attemp to make a story

    Hi all !!

    I decide to make a story ( just for fun ) and i need help with my lead character .

    Some facts about her :

    She is 16 yrs old .
    Very red-orange hair , pale skin , blue eyes .
    She is consider fragile wih 5'5 height .
    Personality : She is a reserved girl. She isn’t antisocial, she just keeps to herself most of the time and is a bit of an introvert. She wasn’t always that way, though. not at all.
    ♡ Drawing
    ♡ Painting
    Weaks : She’s not physically strong & She’s insecure .
    Family :
    Dad : Anthony thomas Peregreen
    Mom : Marianne Grace Peregreen
    Sister : Anwen Louisa Peregreen ( 18 )
    Period : 2013

    Any ideas ??

    thanks in advance

    Edit : Harlow or Clary ?
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