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Thread: Twin girls!

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    Twin girls!

    Hi, I'm pregnant for the first time and expecting twin girls! Hoping I can get some opinions on name sets. So much harder than I thought! I'd like the names to go, not match. My husband and I finally agreed on Ramona and Mallory, but now (after much convincing), my husband likes Matilda! Any suggestions for a name that would go with Matilda? Other sassy set suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

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    Ramona and Matilda sound great together.
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    I agree with sarah. Ramona and Matilda would be shockingly beautiful.
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    Definitely Ramona and Matilda! It's a beautiful and literary pair.

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    I adore Matilda! Some names that I've often considered with Matilda are:
    Matilda and Phoebe
    Matilda and Eleanor
    Matilda and Harriet
    Matilda and Juliet
    Matilda and Penelope
    Matilda and Alice.
    Best of luck!
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