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    Thoughts on Macklin

    We are five weeks away from our first child! Annnnndddd..... we aren't positive on a name.

    We like Macklin. What do you think? Also, how would you spell it-- Maclin or Macklin?

    Any other suggestions are absolutely welcomed!

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    I don't dislike it, but it's not my style either. I think the better spelling is Macklin.
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    I don't mind it but it has a bit of a made-up feel to it. What about MacLean (pronounced Maclane not Macleen)? Out of your spellings I prefer Macklin, Maclin looks like it might be pronounced Mass-lin or Mace-lin.
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    No way! Macklin is my boss's surname and that's all I think of when I see the name.
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    I prefer macklin, but as another person suggested maclean/McLean would be really nice too. McLain Ward is a famous equestrian and really nice guy as well, (the association I'd have with the name).

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