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    Ready for some Combos! Now working on: Willow

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    Willow Magdalene Sarah was the first name to "click" in my head. Hmm...

    Willow Felicity Marigold
    Willow Gwendolyn Sarah
    Willow Lydia Gwyneth (even though "Willow Lydia" is kind of hard for me to say)
    Willow Iverine Zelda
    Willow Gwendolyn Dagny
    Willow Dulcinea Jean

    Pairing Willow with Liberty, Melody, or Harmony feels super hippie to me, like her full name should be something like Willow Harmony Moonjava or Willow Liberty Starlight.
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    ROFL. Moonjava. Excellent point, I didn't even think of that. I'll edit those out right now!

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    I know you like Gwendolyn and Gwyneth, so why not use those as middles?

    Willow Gwendolyn "white willow" (I like this best)
    Willow Gwyneth "blessed willow"
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