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    alrighty - a middle name for Wesley!

    Thanks for the help with my brainstorming thread - husband and I really love Wesley! Now for a middle name.

    What combos can you come up with? Thanks!
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    My first thought was Wesley Aloysius or Ignatius but if that is too OTT then I think that these combos may work

    from your list

    Wesley Gordon
    Wesley Thomas


    Wesley Scott
    Wesley Andrew
    Wesley Hadrian/Adrian
    Wesley Campbell
    Wesley Cameron
    Wesley Matthew
    Wesley James
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    I like:

    Wesley Brian
    Wesley Fogg
    Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Douglas
    Wesley Gordon

    What about Wesley Elisha? The jump to Elizabeth > Eliza > Elisha doesn't seem too big to me.
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    *=combos that I think flow nicley:
    to honour your sister by first or middle:
    Wesley Emerson*
    Wesley Elliott
    Wesley Emrick*
    Wesley Ellison
    Wesley Elijah
    Wesley Elton
    Wesley Emerald*
    Wesley Malachi* (mal with short a sound, ah, kai(rhymes with sky)) honours the mal in emalie
    Wesley Malachite (rhymes with kite) gorgeous green stone
    Wesley Bryant * -to honour brian
    Wesley Jordan -to honour gordon
    Wesley Donahue* -to honour don or donald
    Wesley Merrick -to honour merrill

    Hope this helps.

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    Wesley Brian sounds amazing.

    Wesley Emmett also sounds great.

    And for some reason i thought of Barrett. Wesley Barrett
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