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    I love the name Eleanor, it's a favourite of mine. Ellie is such a cute nickname. Nora and Nori could be other options that are cute as well. Eleanor also sounds wonderful with the sib set. Second choice would be either Lillian or Evelyn.
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    I like the name Jessica out of your list! Love this name but I can't use it. I love the nn CiCi as well! Other nns are Jess, Scar, Essie, Jessa. X
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    Lillian with a nn of Lily is my favorite. Oliviana or Olivianne I prefer strongly over Olivia, any of which with the nick's Ollie, Annie, or Anna-maybe Livvie.

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    the land of polar bears and igloos.
    have courage, and be kind.
    Edith, Florence, Sybil, Elsie, Evelyn, Lucy, Matilda, Vera, Poppy
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    So many great choices you have! I really like Lillian, Evelyn, Matilda from your list. My only problem with Lillian is that I don't care for Lily.

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