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    Jury Rogue and Thunder Aero.
    Theophile | Bernard (Bear) | Arthur | Reuben | Angus
    Enora (Enna/Nori) June | Haruhi | Ravenna | Mona
    Anjalie | Holly | Igraine | Julia | Sonata | Sigune

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    Wow, those were some crazy names! Here's what I chose:

    Boy: Vice Elite

    Girl: J'Adore Vinique

    They sound very french

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    Rilo Tigerlily and Exodus Four (my poor kids)

    Tigerlily is a guilty pleasure of mine, but mostly because I named a hippy character that name.
    Girls Top 10:
    Sonnet, Penelope, Evangeline, Maisie, Lexington, Fable, Cricket, Sailor, Seraphina, Thea

    Boys Top 10:
    Hendrix, Roarke, Castle, Stellan, Cohen, Maximum, Calvary, Atticus, Hawk, Canaan

    Guilty Pleasure-
    Boy: Kohl, Falcon, Myles, Flynnigan, Brave
    Girl: Tigerlily, Larkspur, Tinleigh, Emerson, Maddox

    teenberry, equestrian, second youngest of 9 girls
    FurMommy to Bleu the yorkie!

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    Zaniel Exodus and Tigerlilly Orchid "Zan and Lilly"
    Those are some unusual names!

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    B: Villiam Crusoe (I'd call him Liam)
    G: Oasis Tigerlily (Idk..maybe I'd call her Lily or just Oasis)

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