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    Welcome our Handsome Man

    On 5th August my husband and I welcomed our gorgeous second son into the world - August Henry, brother to Milo Mitchell. Now six weeks old, he is just starting to smile and is getting nice and fat.

    Mitchell honours my late mother-in-law (her maiden name) and Henry honours my mum - it was her dad's nickname for her!
    Thanks to the Berries on the forums who helped me narrow down my choices and reassured me when I had a crisis of confidence two days before Augie was born!
    Mum to Milo Mitchell... A big brother to August Henry or (insert girls name here!!) due on August 5

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    Congrats! Love the name.
    Annika, Artemis, Bianca, Cassandra, Catherine, Evadne, Felicity, Gwendolen, Isabeau, Isadora, Juniper,
    Lorelei, Lyra, Octavia, Pandora, Petra, Sunniva, Thisbe, Thora

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    our furbabies: Sebastian and Oleander

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    Congratulations! Milo and August are a lovely sib-set.

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    Congratulations! I had been reading but not posting at the time, I'm very happy for you all; lovely story behind the names!

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    You have two very handsomely-named boys! Congrats!
    From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors. ~ Proverb

    Caroline, Catherine, Jane, Rose
    James, Liam, Luke, Patrick

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