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    Is Huw a family name? I know it's a legitimate variant, but I think Hugh is the more recognizable spelling and most people would think it was spelt like that. For Freddie would you be opposed to using a longer form like Frederick, Winifred(For a girl!), or Alfred?

    My favorite with Amy are Henry, Michael and Thomas.

    Best of your list in my opinion:

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy

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    Aaron - I'm not a native english speaker so every time I hear this, it sounds like the girls name Erin to me.
    Henry - LOVE that name.
    Bradley - not my style
    Edward - like it
    William - a bit boring
    Adrian - not a fan
    Hayden - way to popular "-ayden" sound included
    Donovan - nice name, not loving it with Amy-Louise though
    Sheldon - Cooper (usable though, just my association)
    Nicholas - okay
    Callum - okay
    Nathan - like Nathaniel better
    Lucas - nice
    Huw (Pronounced Hew - like Dew) - nobody would know how to spell or pronounce it.
    Hunter - such a strong occupational name, doesn't sound too well with Amy-Louise
    Brett - nah
    Aiden - see Hayden
    Corey - nah
    Dean - nah
    Levi - like it
    Freddie - After my grandfather - while I don't love the name, it's kinda cute
    Michael - boring
    Sebastian - like it
    Alex - too unisex
    Rory - like it BUT because of Doctor Who I wouldn't make Amy and Rory your sibset
    Theo - LOVE it
    Samuel - not my cup of tea
    Spencer - nah
    Thomas - nah
    Owen - nah
    Lloyd - to me it still a surname
    Noah - LOVE it
    Troy - nah

    I think Amy-Louise can either sound very classic or very modern. So if you go with something like Henry, Theo or Edward it becomes classic however if you pair Hayden, Troy or Aiden with it, it sounds very modern.
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    Freddie - After my grandfather. [I like Frederick John David!]

    are some of my favorites from your list.

    I agree with the above poster, Henry, William, Samuel - it will become more classic.
    Hayden, Troy, Aiden - more modern. It just depends on the way you want to go.
    I think you have some lovely combos. Hopefully you can choose! Good luck!

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    Thank you - Frederick, Winifred & Alfred are all weird to me they sound like old man and women's name. - Freddie is after my grandfather. - Who's name was Fred (Fred only). - I dont like this either. - I like Freya on a girl though.

    Aaron can be said (Ah-Ron - sounds like Erin or Air-Ron), This spelling is Air-ron. - I prefer Arron (Ah-Ron).

    Sheldon - I'v never heard of Sheldon Cooper but Sheldon is after a place me and my boyfriend first went on holiday Shaldon.

    Huw - I come from Wales and I live in the UK where Huw is a more common spelling so that is not really a concern. - I'm thinking maybe Henry with the nn Huw.

    Rory - My boyfriends uncle loved Doctor Who so I thought this would be quite cute.

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