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    Welsh names - correct pronunciation

    Obviously, people might prefer to say Welsh names a certain way because they like it better, but I've seen a few people on-line claiming they know how to pronounce the names correctly, when they do not.

    As my native language is Welsh, and I live in Wales, I know what I'm talking about! So here are a few -

    Ceridwen- Ke-REED-wen ( 'e' sounds like the 'e' in 'bet', or the name 'Ben'. It never sounds like the 'i' in 'sit')

    Ceinwen - KeEEN-wen ('i' is always a sharp vowel like the 'ee' in 'meet & greet'

    Gwenith - GWEN-eeth

    Meleri - Mel-ER-ee

    Meredith (the most commonly mispronounced name). It's Mer-E-deeth not 'MER-e-dith'. If it's Meredyth, then the 'y' is pronounced like the 'i' in 'sit'

    Mererid - Mer-ER-eed

    Myfanwy- My-VAN-wy ('y' sound similar to the 'i' in 'sit')

    Rhoswen - ROS-wen not 'ROW-swen' (Hard to describe 'rh'. It sounds like the harder, voiceless version of the Italian rolled 'r'.
    'O' is always pronounced like the sharp, open 'o' in 'dot' and never like the long 'oh' sound in 'home'

    Seren - SE-ren

    Sioned- SHON-ed

    Teleri - Tel-ER-ee

    Any questions, just ask
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    Most of my baby name books give the pronunciation of Ceinwen as "cain-wen". That's how much they know. I may be bothering you in the future, Gwenith!
    All the best,

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    Hehe That 'ei' sound is quite tricky for English speakers to get used to. Their tendency is to say 'Cane', with out the sharp 'ee' that's needed.

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    Oh good Lol. The amount of times I've had to correct the pronunciation of Cerys and Carys on these boards... Glad there's someone else now who can help me champion correct Welsh pronunciation!

    I'm English but my Welsh friend taught me some Welsh. I can usually read/guesstimate words and names pretty well Know my f's from my ff's and my dd's from my d's etc

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