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    Let Me Dig Into My Treasure Trove!

    Hi! I'm 20 so I won't have use for these names for some time.

    Ada: connected to Ada Lovelace who helped work on the first computers

    I had a friend in middle school named Aislyn.

    Recent Nameberry searches brought up Malin (apparently diminutive of Magdalena) which can be unisex.

    Renn/Wren as a unisex name. Iain (eye-in) and Jameson.

    Congrats, btw!

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    I love Talia & Dylan. Also, Perseus (Percy) and Malaya.

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    I like Ayla and Jasper. I also like Maisie. Talia's quite common in Australia so I can't see the uniqueness of it. Noah, Dylan and Aubree are common as is Layla so its likely that Lyla will be confused with Layla.
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