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    Question Names old history of town...

    I collect items from the past. I mean from the past. I have a post card from 1909. the woman's name was Lilla. and where she lived the street doesn't even exist anymore. i also had a year book from 1919 and loved looking at the names and how they were dressed. What do you think of Lilla and do you get inspired by old time history?
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    I really like Lilla! (Pronounced phonetically with a short "I" sound?) It's fresher than the popular Lilly or Lila.

    I feel the same way about old names -- I love looking through old artifacts/antiques and seeing what people were called. Especially when it comes to family names. There are names I never would've considered before, but once I saw them while researching my family tree, I felt like I had a sudden connection to them! (For example, Lucy, Martin, Clara, Matilda)
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    I know a preschooler named Lillah, pronounced lill-uh.
    It's a sweet name, I personally prefer Lila- it was my great grandmother's name
    I love looking through old books for name inspiration!
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    I love Lilla, but prefer it spelled Lila.

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    I love Lilla, pronounced lill-uh. It's not the same as Lila to me, which is lye-luh.
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