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    I don't think something like Vivienne Vivienne Anderson or Vivienne Porter-Smith or Vivienne Washington is too long at all!

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    I love Vivi as just Vivi! We had a list of alternatives, but my son probably would have been Vivi. I don't think Vivi is missing anything at all, where nickname names like Lil and Nate are, at least in my opinion. It is both strong and sweet.

    I have a nickname name and, while I have a few stories and am sometimes a little down on it, it really isn't that bad. Of course, Vivienne is gorgeous and it really comes down to what the two of you love more.
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    I was also going to suggest Vivien so that it looks a little shorter. I'm in the camp of giving formal names with nicknames optional.
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    Other options, if you don't want to go with Vivienne/Vivian/Vivien:


    To me, these all feel a little more grown-up for a woman compared to just Vivi as a full name, and all could have Vivi as a nickname.

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