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    We would call her Vivi 99% of the time but I think it probably is better to give her the longer version (if baby is a girl that is =) maybe spelling it in a shorter way would be best.
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    I would use Vivienne nn Vivi so you could have the best of both worlds

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    I'm not a fan of nicknames as first names. When she gets older she deserves a more "adult" name or at least the choice of one!

    So Vivienne nn Vivi. Though you could always use the shorter version of the name, Vivian!! Or even Vivien.

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    Nothing wrong with long names (mine is abysmally short--a total of 15 letters for all three names combined)...I'd go for for Vivienne Anastasia Sebastienne Surname!

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    I prefer Vivienne over Vivi. I feel Vivi is a good nick name but not as her name always plus she may want to go by Vivienne when she is older. So my vote is for Vivienne!
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