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    Vivi or Vivienne

    Our last name is 10 letters and 3 quite long.

    If we have another girl...

    We are pretty set on Vivienne..but is it too long with our last name? We like Vivienne because we could call her should we just name her Vivi instead of Vivienne??
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    I would go for Vivienne because I just prefer them having a 'full name' on the bc. When she tells them she goes as Vivi then people will call her that anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. I know a Samantha who just introduces herself as Sammy so that's what everyone knows her as. X
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    Both beautiful. I would give her the full name and therefore both options x

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    I would give her the full name. Maybe spell it Vivian or Vivien so it doesn't have as many letters?

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    I love love love the name Vivienne!
    You could ALWAYS use Vivi as the nn.
    If you name simply name her Vivi, I think people would think it was short for
    something anyway, as it doesn't feel "complete".

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