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    Camilla or Isobel?

    We have a son Isaac Daniel. The Daniel is for a family member and Isaac for the meaning. I am now expecting a second child. We have decided not to find out the gender. We have decided on Miles Theodore for a boy but we are stuck on a girls name.
    We like Isobel but wonder if it is too common or if it is strange to have two children whose names begin with I?

    We also like Camilla or Matilda. We will again use family members names as middle names. We have Joyce and Tamsin on the table at the moment.

    Which names do you prefer from the choices below? Any comments on the names together with Isaac or with the middle names?


    Camilla Joyce or Camilla Joy
    Camilla Joyce Tamsin
    Camilla Tamsin Joyce

    Isobel Tamsin
    Isobel Joyce/Joy

    Matilda Tamsin
    Matilda Joy/Joyce

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    Camilla Joy would get my vote

    Isobel is too popular for me x

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    Camilla Tamsin Joyce.

    Isabel is lovely, but so popular right now. Matilda is adorable! Love it as an alternative choice.

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    Camilla Joy would be my pick too. Camilla is lovely with the nn Millie and I love the twist on Joyce. X

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    I love Isobel - but not with Isaac. They're too similar. I prefer Matilda to Camilla but both names would be fine with Isaac.

    1 Matilda Joy
    2 Camilla Joy
    All the best,

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