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    I like both names but slightly prefer the nn Tilly to the nn Rory (seems like a boy name to me) so I would go with

    Matilda Pearl.
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    Aurora Pearl (nn Rory) - love this! It has a great flow to it and Pearl is such a beautiful name.
    Aurora Violet - I don't feel the flow is as good with this name but that's probably because I'm not a fan of 3 syllables for both fn and mn
    Aurora Daisy - cute name but the initials aren't great as lonestar pointed out

    Matilda Pearl (nn Tilly) - love this too!
    Matilda Daisy - again a cute name but I don't like the -da ending flowing to a Da- beginning particularly

    Leila Daisy - another cute name but I think you have much nicer combinations and the -ay sound in both is a bit much for me

    Aurora Pearl and Matilda Pearl are definitely my favourites and if I had to choose one it would probably be Aurora because I have massive love for the nickname Rory!
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    another vote for Aurora Violet!

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    I like both names, but Aurora sounds much better with your surname (no awkward repeating D sounds!) My favorite of your combos is Aurora Violet.
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