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    My vote is for Willa Mae or Willa Pearl.

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    The book stellaluna would sway me from Luna though it is beautiful!

    Wdyt of using sweetheart as a middle name? I'm all for sentimental middle names

    Lucy sweetheart Or just Heart
    Lucy heart
    Lilly heart
    Luna Heart

    Cordelia means heart of the sea...
    Cordelia pearl Nn Cora
    Or since you call her baby or sweetheart maybe
    Abby Cordelia (same letters as baby)
    Abby Cora
    Abby pearl

    Good luck-I'm anxious to gear what you choose! My lo went a little over a week wo a name & it was SO hard not having a name I can't imagine 2 months! Good luck!

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    Margaret you could call her Maisy. Margaret Mae has a nice sound to it.

    Virginia, call her Ginger (that is how Ginger Rodgers got her name).

    Joan has a lot of spunk. It's also been off the radar for a while and so I don't think you have to worry about over use.

    I also love Brier. Brier Sophia has a certain ring to it.

    Stella Vivienne has a some past charm and spunk to it.

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    I will throw Maple in there! It's nature and uncommon, but it was used more often in the early 1900's so not without some vintage charm.

    Also Eliza, Cecily, Wren, Clover, Fern, Waverly, Aspen, Arden
    Maple Violet and Penelope Wren

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    Thank you for all of your help.

    We are still deciding. My husband does not like Luna. Everyone loves Emma. It seems a little strange to fall for such a popular name after waiting this long. I still love the idea of a double first vintage + nature name.

    We have talked of a song name since her birth. We listen to music from the 1960s-1980s. Penny Lane was talked of during our fourth and fifth pregnancies. My husband says it feels like a recycled name now. Any thoughts on song names?

    Please keep the suggestions coming.

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