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    Thank you for your lovely comments mjc7709. We may be able to help each other.

    We have been focusing so much on the first name. At times, I think if we do name her another double first, it may help to explore the second name, like Rose of Stella Rose. I would love nature name suggestions. I love flower names, but cannot seem to think of shorter flower names like Rose. When we were in labor and walking the neighborhood, our midwife picked plumerias for me, but Plumeria doesn't quite fit. I suggested Plum, but my husband is not big on fruit names. It does not have to be a flower. She was born in the summer in the water. She has a very calm and happy temperament. We live in a sunny tropical environment. We have talked about Breeze, but it doesn't seem to be our style.

    I would be so grateful for any suggestions.

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    If you don't like Cora, you could always use Coral as a middle. Nature, tropical, warm and sunny.

    Other nature names:
    Bluebell (could always have her nickname be [first name] Blue and you have the Bell)
    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Declan (Dex). Griffin (Finn). Ewan/Euan. Graham. John (Johnny). Dean. Wesley (Wes). Reid. Grady. Ronan. Samuel (Sam). Gus.

    Sylvie. Gwyneth (Gwen). Bonnie. Elise. Susanna (Zanna). Eve. Margot. Iris. Esme. Annmarie (Marie). Greta. Phoebe (Bee/Bebe).

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    Luna is by far my favorite name for you guys!

    Skyler, Jaxson, Sebastian, Fletcher, Stella and...
    Luna Pearl!
    Luna Mae
    Luna Raine
    Aurelia nn. Goldie (it's kind of a stretch but Aurelia means "the golden one")

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    I came across this name...

    I like this vintage name Calliope.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamamilkbliss View Post
    We had our sixth baby, a girl, almost two months ago. We are desperately wanting a name that we love. I have lost count of the number of times my husband and I have said to each other, "I like it, but I don't love it." This is the longest we have gone without a name, a name that we know is the one. Our sweet baby girl has four older brothers~Skyeler Austin, Jaxson Charles, Sabastian Waters Daniel, Fletcher Bailey, and a sister Stella Rose Maybe Twinkle. Stella Rose was named after my grandmother Estelle. Stella Rose is a double first name. We call her Stella Bella or Bella. We are drawn to the name Bell or Bella, but do not want to "take" this name from Stella Rose. We would love a sweet soft spunky vintage name for our second daughter. I would like for her name to have a similar feel to Stella Rose. I would like another double name, but I am okay with single first name if it is more fitting.

    We have talked about the names
    Audrey Anne~I am not in love with this name, though I suggested it during our fourth pregnancy and after our daughter's birth.
    My husband would call her Aud, which I really do not like. He also loves that the name Audrey reminds him of the Griswold's daughter in the movie Vacation, one of his favorite movies.
    Sophia Anne~We love Sophia from the Golden Girls, which I watched a lot during the pregnancy. Sophia may be too popular.
    Pearl~We talked about it during the pregnancy and of course we smile when we think of Will Ferrell's daughter. It would be the only one syllable name.
    Luna~We like that Stella means star and her sister's name would mean moon.
    Sookie Anne or Sookie Mae~ I love Sookie, but wonder if it is nickname like with the "ie" compared to Stella Rose. My husband likes it, but doesn't love it. I know there is the TruBlood association. I love the show.
    Jewel~Our nine year old suggested this name moments after our daughter was born. My husband doesn't like it.
    Lilly~Our five year old feels strongly about this name.

    We have discussed more names than I ever thought possible. Goldie, Annie, Maybelline, Hattie, Virginia, Mary Jane... We love vintage southern names. My husband suggested Blanch. I like a softer sound.

    Our daughter was born at home in the birth tub on a Friday at eight at night. We have talked about water names too. None seem fitting.

    We call her Sweetheart or Baby. Her chart at our naturopath is labeled with the name Sweetheart.

    I would be so grateful for your help.
    Go with Luna!!

    She sounds great with your other children's names, it's effortless and very sweet, she works with her sibling names as well. You could use Luna Sweetheart as a kinda retro middle choice and a nice nod too her current 'name'. Or maybe Luna Pearl? This has a great sound and a similar feel to Stella Rose. Luna is great.

    From your list I also like (that work with your kids names)...
    Audrey Anne
    Sophia Anne
    Pearl ~ mentioned as potential middle name for Luna
    Luna ~ mentioned above as first name


    I would go with Luna though

    : )

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