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    I'm such a goober! I read your post again, and realized this is baby #6.

    So, I guess my question is: What names have your others suggested?
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    What about Lila Mae or Ruby Claire or Sadie?

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    Our children have suggested Sophia and Lily. Our second oldest son who choose Stella Rose's middle name Twinkle LOVES the first name Sophia. We have watched a lot of Golden Girls. Each time we bring up Audrey, he says Sophia. He hasn't suggested any middle names yet. I think we are all so focused on the first name. My husband likes Sophia, but I can tell he is not in love with it. He has also said no to Lily. I like Audrey Anne, but I don't know that I love it. I don't know that it has the soft sound like Stella. It may be that I think the "drey" at the end sounds a little heavy to me. I have flirted with the name Emma and sometimes "try it on," calling our daughter Emma when I change her diaper. I would love something that pairs well with Stella Rose. A two syllable vintage name and a one syllable flower name. I think it would be sweet. We love the name Bell, but we call Stella Rose Stella Bella or Bella and do not want to "take" her name. Our children seem to be paired with name endings. Jaxson and Sabastian. Skyeler and Fletcher. Stella and ?

    Thank you for all of your help.
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    I think Luna Pearl goes great with Stella Rose.

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