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    If you like spunky and vintage, have you considered Sadie? You could go with Sadie Mae, which I think sounds sweet with Stella Rose.

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    Luna is so gorgeous with your other names. Have you thought about Flora?
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    Welcome to Nameberry, @mamamilkbliss! Congratulations on your baby girl. It sounds like you're getting great feedback (my favorite from your list is Pearl), but I'm horribly curious about Stella Rose's middle names. Is she really legally named Stella Rose Maybe Twinkle? If so, I would love to hear your reasoning behind that!

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    Thank you again for all of your help. Her first name may be Audrey Anne. It was one of the first names I brought up and my husband loves it. Maybe Twinkle because my husband wanted to name our first daughter Maybe and because she came three weeks past her due date. For weeks, we would say, maybe today. Twinkle because our second oldest wanted to name her Twinkle and we think it is very sweet that her older brother helped to name her. We could have added Moon and Fishie to her name if we included all of our children's suggestions. Though at first it seems it does not have a flow to it, her name is perfectly fitting, a bit playful, and brings a smile to our faces and happiness to our hearts.

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    Oh! I didn't know you had a son. What's his name? That might help us to find the perfect fit for baby girl. Audrey Anne is really pretty. I like the alliteration. What is Stella Rose or your son suggesting for a mn this time?
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