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    Pearl is my favorite on your list. Stella Rose & Pearl Sophia?! Stella and Luna are way too literal of a match for me personally; although both are lovely names, together they seem kind of joke-ish... Since she's been just "Sweetheart" for so long I do think it would be cute if you included something with a "sweet" or "heart" connotation! But what about...

    Aubrey Anne nn Bree
    Magnolia Pearl nn Maggie or Nola
    Sadie Anne
    Ruby Lilianne
    Aurora Jewel
    Maisie Jane
    Lula Belle or Lola Belle
    Anna Elizabeth nn Annie
    Ada Coraline
    Margo Liliana nn Goldie
    Caroline Pearl

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    Oh, Luna is so pretty and so fitting here. Also maybe Sela? I also like Savannah. How about Nora?

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    Amabel Rose sounds sweet as does Luna Pearl. Best of luck! You are not alone we just added #6 to our family and its easy to find a name just not "the name" our baby girl is also two months old. I do love the sound of amabel with Stella.

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    Thank you all so much for your help! We are still undecided and she is two months old. Has anyone else waited this long? My husband loves Audrey Anne and says sometimes the first names talked of are the best. He also likes Annie. I just don't know if either is fitting. I would love to find a name we both love and know is the one. I love our other daughter's name, Stella Rose, and want a name I love just as much. It doesn't have to be a double first name again, but I think it would be sweet. I am loving the idea of another double first vintage and nature name. She is a very calm and happy baby. I would be so grateful for your help.
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    I love the suggestions of Luna Pearl or Susanna Pearl nn Sookie. I thought Nora also fits the bill, but I'm a little biased.

    Have you considered Annabel? It's got your "Bell" and you can call her Annie. I personally like Annabel Violet or Annabel Daisy to go with Rose?

    I also like Hazel. Maybe Hazel Anne?

    Other ideas:
    Lydia Pearl
    Amelia Pearl
    Camilla Pearl (nn Millie?)
    Eva Pearl
    Hannah Pearl
    Scarlett Pearl
    Aurora Pearl
    Genevieve Pearl
    Clara Pearl
    Maya Pearl
    Ivy Pearl
    Evelyn Pearl
    Eleanor Pearl
    Molly Pearl
    Celia Pearl
    Alice Pearl
    Claudia Pearl
    Vivian Pearl
    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Declan (Dex). Griffin (Finn). Ewan/Euan. Graham. John (Johnny). Dean. Wesley (Wes). Reid. Grady. Ronan. Samuel (Sam). Gus.

    Sylvie. Gwyneth (Gwen). Bonnie. Elise. Susanna (Zanna). Eve. Margot. Iris. Esme. Annmarie (Marie). Greta. Phoebe (Bee/Bebe).

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