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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    Jul 2013
    How's everyone doing?

    My temps have been up high so I guess I ovulated at some point but I'm not feeling very hopeful about this cycle.
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    Sep 2013
    I have been a stressed out mess and a half lately, what with work being crazy and starting my masters program yesterday. However, my hubby and I did settle on 2 boys name we like just out of the blue a few days ago. That was a nice surprise. It made me extra baby crazy though. My CM is right on track for O time and we are covering all our bases this week, so theoretically there should be a good chance that this month is our month. But of course, you never know. Just have to wait it out.
    Good luck ladies- hang in there
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    Jul 2014
    feb - Isn't the unknown just so much fun? Ha! I have no idea if I ovulated this month either, and am also less than hopeful. However, there's still that pesky part of me that knows there is a chance (albeit slim) that we might have gotten lucky and I have to consciously keep myself from getting excited! I spent my entire lunch break searching for "fun ways to tell your husband you're expecting". It's silly, really. The next week of "waiting but trying not to get excited but getting super excited anyway" is going to be brutal!

    asche - Yay for agreeing on baby names! Just last night my DH nixed my current favorite boys name... I was so disappointed! I feel like I'm back to ground zero because it was the only name I really loved (that isn't anywhere near the top 10). Oh well, we'll figure it out when it's time I suppose. Anyhow, good luck this week!
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    May 2014
    lacysue- I've researched that too!! Hahah
    Have you ladies been taking the tests with your SO patiently waiting for the results? Or do you have a scheme in mind to surprise them when it is positive?
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    Sep 2013
    lcd- I have spent far too much time obsessing over this very question!!!!!! My final verdict: surprise, surprise, surprise! Back when we were first starting about ttc, my husband made a comment about how he wanted to be surprised when it happens (I responded with "um, dude, you know you have to be there to make it happen right?!) anywaysss, I think it would be fun to surprise him, partially because I don't ever really plan big surprises so it will be fun for me, but how often do we have such big news that is so personal? Why not turn it into a great moment and a great story?

    I posted a little while ago about how if this is the lucky cycle, I will tell my husband over our anniversary dinner date. Emma suggested cooking him a meal, but I don't cook (he does all the cooking,lucky me!) so it would be a dead giveaway that something was up!! I decided that if I'm lucky enough to have it work out this way, I'll give him an anniversary card at the restaurant that says "first comes love, then comes marriage, three years later comes baby *****" I think it would be a total shocker for him.

    There are so many great ideas out there for sharing the news, I wish I could do them all!!!

    What about the rest of you? Any sneaky plans??
    Expecting a baby girl in June 2015!

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