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    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Harlow Paloma, Jenna Rosamund, Laurel Cassandra, Margo Juniper, Nora Meredith, Rowan Athena, Sadie Genevieve, Tessa Bethany

    Albert Frederick, Asher Jeremy, Bennett Samuel, Deacon Timothy, Edmund Nicholas, Theodore Holden, Nathaniel Grayson, Hugo Dominic, Judah Finnegan, Lucas Christopher

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    Petra, Endellion & Odessa all so unique and go nicely with Rosemary, as well as, her brother's awesome name!
    Leo Konstantyn 9-10-14

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    You guys are making me start to really like Temperance! It doesn't help that I just watched the Bones premiere.

    I prefer it with a short first name though. No hits so far. I didn't even realize I was so picky with names I like.

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I would love some more.
    Dany | Mama to Whiskers, Zola Bastet, George Bartholomew and Fred Leonidas
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    Alaric Matthew | Edmund Leander | Henrik Balthazar | Aleksander Tadhg | Sebastian Rhys | Peter Malachi
    Rowena Isabel | Helen Rosalind | Freyja Hermione | Gemma Viviane | Beatrix Lyra

    Alaric Matthew Ronen | Edmund Leander Giles | Freyja Hermione Jade | Gemma Viviane Lois | Adalind Meike | Lilith Seraphine/Rebekah | Amara Violette | Lydia Primrose | Margot Felicity


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