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Thread: Ever meet #58?

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    I've never met a Serenity. I prefer Serena though.

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    Around here, Serenity would be seen as having come from a low class family. There are a higher percentage of inner city children with this name than children born in the suburbs (middle class).
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    If i met a Serenity I'd immediately assume her parents were either super religious or Firefly fans.

    I have a negative association with it as a name because there was a super weird family on Toddlers & Tiaras who named their daughter this (but spelled it Saryniti, blegh)
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    I know of a Serenity, it's what my friend's cousin named her daughter (born in 2011), but I've never met one.
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    Serenity wouldn't work for me. All I can think of is that scene in Seinfeld where George is flipping out saying "Serenity now, Serenity now." Not a good association although hilarious.

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