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    My Choices With Rosamond

    I love Ottilie's suggestion of Rosamond Helena, so that's a definite name on my dream list. So far, I have these to go with Rosamond(Rosie) for siblings

    Cecilia Juliet
    Augusta Beatrice
    Millicent Ophelia
    Florence Olivia
    Eleanor Rowena
    Susannah Patience
    Clementine Emilia
    Cordelia Elizabeth
    Honora Imogen
    Georgiana Hermione
    Iris Mariana

    Louis James
    Marcus Bennett
    Joseph Alexander
    Henry Nathaniel
    Michael Nicholas
    Simon Edward
    Matthew Gregory
    Duncan Michael
    Andrew Christopher
    Landon Matthew
    Adam William

    Which are your favourites with Rosamond? Louis is pronounced Lew-is, and Rowena is pronounced Ro-when-ah. Feel free to suggest combos
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