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    Feb 2013
    I am a HUGE Friends fan, but I don't immediately think of the show at all. I think it's a beautiful name, and definitely deserves more use!
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    Nov 2009
    When I named my daughter Phoebe in '07, we did get a few "like from Friends?" comments. But that has definitely faded over the years, I don't know the last time I have heard it. Instead, most people seem pleasantly surprised by her name and we get lots of compliments.

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    Aug 2013
    Thats good to know, the show is a bit dated plus I feel like when you have the name it it wears off the iconic momentum. . I think the meaning is lovely & to me its unique but I'm still not sure if I really enjoy the sound of the name. . Hopefully no offensive to you - I'm just so horribly picky about girl names

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    May 2013
    I'm a huge FRIENDS fan, so I can't shake the association.

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    Dec 2012
    I see this name all over various name boards and have never thought of Friends.

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