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    Family 1:
    DS/DS: Kevin Matthew and Kenneth Graeme

    Family 2:
    DS: Lucas Samuel

    Family 3:
    DD/DS: Eabha Maxine and Conor Axel

    Family 4:
    DS: Ben Gabriel - The secret garden

    Family 5:
    DD: Wren Sofia

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    Family #1:
    After having four girls, Kendrick and Katrina decide to try for a boy, and get twin boys, at last. At this point, Kaia is ten, Karina is seven and Kamilla and Kira are four. The twins should have, of course, first names that start with K, and old fashioned middle names.

    DH: Kendrick Jack Hunt
    DW: Katrina Nicole Giddings

    DD: Kaia Snow (shanade213 and s_dimples)
    DD: Karina Iris (meganlee2012)
    DD/DD: Kamilla Hazel & Kira Maple (mam2321)
    DS/DS: Kristian Arthur & Killian Frederick

    Family #2:
    Kayla Gabrielle Lytton and Jerry Joseph Ellis have three young children. Charlotte, who's nine, Liam, who's seven and Henry who's two. They decide to have one last child, and end up with a baby boy. His first name, like his siblings, should be in the top 100 of 2012, and his middle name should be English.

    DH: Jerry Joseph Ellis
    DW: Kaylah Gabrielle Lytton

    DD: Charlotte Susannah (emilydanielle)
    DS: Liam Clennan (babynamingbailey)
    DS: Henry Owen (savbav)
    DS: Benjamin Beckett

    Family #3:
    When their youngest turns ten, Lillian Presley Collins and Aiden Dane Saxon unexpectedly become pregnant, with twins. At this point, Benjamin is twelve, Bryony is eleven and Aria is ten. They want the twins' first names to be Irish, like Lillian's maiden name, Collins, and their middle names to contain X's, like Aiden's last name, Saxon.

    DS: Benjamin Mason (misshoppy)
    DD: Bryony Tess (niiskuneiti)
    DD: Aria Harper (elizpeyton)
    DD/DS: Rowan Beatrix & Finn Maximilian

    Family #4:
    After the birth of their third child, Grace Mara Williams and Lucas Kenneth Haire decide to have another baby. Gideon is seven, Lorelai is four and Theodore is three. They end up having a baby boy, who's first name should be from a classic novel (name the novel) and his middle name should start with a G.

    DS: Gideon Levi (niiskuneiti)
    DD: Lorelai Grace (emilydanielle)
    DS: Theodore Louis (minisia)
    DS: Robinson George (Robinson Crusoe)

    Family #5:
    Three months after having a son, Caden Ashton Randolph and Jordan Shreya Espinoza are unexpectedly pregnant. They are hoping for a girl, and get their wish. Violet is eight, River and Ash are two and Reed is one. They want her first name to be a nature name, but not a flower name, and as is the tradition, they want her to have a Hispanic name.

    DD: Violet Lucia (lizzycsa and misshoppy)
    DS/DS: River Cruz/Ash Rafael (jessicajanex17)
    DS: Reed Matteo (mam2321)
    DD: Ember Estela

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